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About Kimberly

About Kimberly Kimbrough – Professional SEO Coach & Consultant

Kimberly Kimbrough, internationally recognized as a leading authority on Search Engine Optimization, is the founder, webmaster and CEO of several highly successful online websites.

Unlike many consultants, Kimberly has been in the trenches and knows what works and what doesn’t from personal experience, not just from academic theory. As an already successful website owner converting traffic into customers, she quickly recognized the potential of the Internet and has been marketing her products, services and companies online since 1997.

Her services as a speaker, consultant, copywriter, coach and author are in high demand due to her knack for solving problems, thinking outside of the box, and significantly increasing the bottom line and reducing expenses for her clients.

Kimberly’s clients come from many different industries, from Nonprofit, Legal, Political, Health Care, Insurance, Beauty, Entertainment, Employment Services, and Retail. Businesses both large and small have relied on Kimberly’s passion, vision and uncanny ability to identify the under performing areas of their business and capitalize on overlooked opportunities to explode their sales and profitability.

While her client list is large and diverse, they all have one thing in common, they have all profited greatly from Kimberly’s experience, expertise, passion and advice.



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Because of my experience in local search, I have mastered techniques that work in any location and niche.

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