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Steve Jobs left an iMPACT on iDeas Published on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 by

Steve Jobs left an iMPACT on iDeas


My first Apple was the 17″ MacBook Pro that I purchased from the Apple store at the Plaza in Kansas City.  It was a sweltering hot day in August and the line to get into the store went down the block and around the corner.  I almost went back home because I don’t like the heat, don’t like standing in lines and still was not convinced why I should fork over $2400 for a laptop.

But I stayed in line because in typical female, computer geek, Gemini style, by the time I justified the benefits of entering into Apple, I had finally arrive to the front door.  My name was taken and I was summons to a geeky, yet cool looking Apple Genius who assisted me with my purchase.

I walked out and could not wait to get home.  Once I got home and lifted the laptop, and the Apple animations welcomed me into their world, it was like meeting my soulmate.  I fell in love with my MacBook that day in 2008.

My daughter was only 10 at the time and so I decided to buy her a PC from Wal-Mart.  She was excited and because of the cost, I didn’t want to risk her damaging my MacBook Pro.

And now three years later, the Windows PC computer died in 2009.  The keyboard buttons started popping off, viruses started eating it from the inside out, and there were other problems.  But the MacBook Pro is a beast!  I have never had a virus issue and the only thing that I have had to do was buy a new power adapter and 4 years later, I may need to buy a new battery.  My child and I both have used it and we have never lost a button nor has the system ever crashed.

I now own twoMacBook Pro’s and gave the second one to my daughter and we have not looked back.  I cannot imagine life without Apple products.

It’s not actually the cool stainless steel products that I have a hard time envisioning my life without, but rather the instant connection I get through Apple’s products to the people, information and ideas I love. I carry the lightweight iPad in my purse so that I can stop into a cafe to hop on Skype with my family in California if I want. During dinner, I can open up Safari on the iPhone to find out which celebrity was in that movie about which we were talking. And, I’ve learned and engaged with ideas, either my own or those of others, from harmless fun apps, like launching angry birds at pigs, to practical ones, like the book I’m writing on the Manuscript application.

This immense new personal freedom extends to the democratization of ideas that Jobs helped to unleash in both audio and app forms. Instead of fighting fruitlessly against music industry giants to be heard, independent artists gained an audience that could be monetized. Rather than just consuming content, even kids can create.

Jobs’ hundreds of products are  patented as connection points. They’re conduits for us to share and absorb new skills and information. They help make the progress of ideas to action more efficient; just as a new lightbulb turns on, we can email it, tweet it or code it, transforming the intangible into an instant reality.

The best thing is that platforms can be built upon. I hope, and I think Jobs did too, that more great ideas will be grown from the foundation his great ideas so brilliantly delivered.

Steve Jobs left an iMPACT during the birth of the Internet Age.  And rightfully so, his name will be forever connected to having an idea that used technology to help others with their ideas.



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