Sim’s Social is Facebook’s Fastest Growing App

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The Sims Social Description

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Developer: Electronic Arts

Description: Official page: The fun of The Sims is coming to Facebook! Create unique Sims and live out their dreams, stir up trouble, develop relationships, befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray. Play with life with your real friends for free!

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Electronic Arts and Playfish’s The Sims Social, their Facebook adaptation of the popular life-simulation series, is the fastest growing application and game this week, reached nearly 30 million players.

Just three weeks since its formal launch (and about a month after its open beta began), The Sims Social has become the fifth biggest game in terms of audience size on Facebook. More than 7.5 million users of its 30 million count started playing in the past week.

Facebook Game Sims Social

Facebook Game Sims Social

Sims Social allows you to connect with friends.  You can build your own home.  And you can enter into romantic relationships with other Sims.

Here is my Sim getting ready to hop in the shower after her boyfriend.  Oh, did I mention that they are planning on doing the “woohoo?”  That’s Sim’s PG way of saying they are going to get their freak on.

Sims Social Woohoo

Sims Social Woohoo

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name DAU MAU Weekly Growth
1. The Sims Social 7,996,772 30,841,042 7,434,539
2. Welcome Tab 481,425 10,170,206 2,208,710
3. 21 questions 4,659,089 29,933,339 1,939,889
4. The Smurfs & Co 1,422,484 9,907,584 1,565,340
5. Friends Photos 328,721 3,082,251 1,554,364
6. Words With Friends 3,328,188 12,753,056 1,421,784
7. Luck Daily! 196,773 1,927,440 1,270,136
8. Static Iframe Tab 633,607 10,307,025 1,235,178
9. Static HTML: iframe tabs 2,730,912 50,606,433 1,139,978
10. Phrases (new) 311,700 1,134,646 1,119,629
11. FarmVille 8,392,682 35,566,567 945,784
12. Magic Land 362,311 2,741,458 890,435
13. Poker Club 165,235 4,715,948 835,765
14. Diamond Dash 2,126,432 11,250,312 732,102
15. Are YOU Interested? 1,064,265 15,857,344 718,333
16. iwipa: HTML + iframe + FBML 865,512 15,982,315 706,440
17. Fruit Ninja (Chinese) 140,804 1,360,652 684,733
18. Social Empires 827,038 4,692,862 649,719
19. Truth Game 1,488,047 11,477,271 598,717
20. Mystery Manor 509,376 2,597,329 580,370

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