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Custom Meta Data Published on Sunday, April 20, 2014 by

Custom Meta Data


It is important to add Meta Data to your custom content pages. The “Page HTML Title” and the “Description Meta
Tag” are important because this is what will appear in the Search Engine Results. The Page HTML Title is the most
important tag Google looks at for keywords. Always complete this field when you add custom content to your site. It
should not be longer than 70 characters – including spacing. The Description Meta Tag should not be longer than 160
characters – including spacing. Don’t stuff the Meta data with keywords. This is known as keyword stuffing to Google –
not good.
The “Keywords Meta Tag” is pretty self explanatory. Google doesn’t give attention to the keywords field like they did
in years before, so I do not complete this field.
The H1 tag is the headline of what the content is about on that page. Keep it short and
to the point. Google likes when each page has an H1 tag – Google bots pick up on the keywords in this section. The
first few words in this title should include keywords you would like to rank for.
Again, don’t stuff the Primary heading with keywords. Think like your
customers, “How will they find the information you’re providing?” “Are they looking for this information?” “What
keywords will they use to find information like this?” For example – I’m a customer looking for reasonably priced
tires…”How will I find them?” I googled, “tires for sale” and before I hit enter I can see the top queries (in yellow) that
are searched for in my area. Use this to your advantage.
Alt tags are used to describe an image on your website. This is good for search engines, because they can’t see
images. This is another case in which you can benefit from adding keywords to your website. You can help search
engine rankings because the images on your site will enhance your keywords. Be concise and brief when describing the
image. Remember – no keyword stuffing.

For example, say you add an image of a Gucci purse to a ladies handbag review you
are writing about. The alt tag could be “Gucci purse”, a better one would be “Authentic Gucci purse for sale at retail store name” and I would not use – “Authentic Gucci purse with gold plated zippers and many colors to choose from at retail store”.



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