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Why Larry King is the Sexiest Man on FaceBook and Twitter Published on Monday, August 10, 2009 by
Larry King, can I snap your suspenders, you social media hottie you!
Larry King  

Larry King

I was speaking with some friends who own a web development company about social networking.  And I made the comment that I am sick and tired of hearing about Facebook and Twitter everywhere.  It is making me feel fatigued.  So jokingly, I said that Larry King is using these tools because and has made Facebook and Twitter sexy.  They laughed and so did I.

Facebook and Twitter are not new networks.  They have been around for several years.  But when Oprah, Larry King, Ashton Kutcher, Shaq, and others jump onboard, they become the sexiest phenomena.  But if you are serious about social networking, you will stop right now using Facebook and Twitter and start working on emerging social media so that you will have a jump on the rest.

So thanks Larry King for making me find another reason why I am so over Facebook and Twitter.  And thank goodness you wear long sleeve shirts unlike this fellow:

Very sexy man

Very sexy man

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