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Download, Unzip and Install A New Font on Your Computer Published on Monday, September 28, 2009 by

Download, Unzip and Install A New Font on Your Computer


I thought I would write the instructions on how to install a new font after spending several minutes guessing on how to install my new helvetica fonts.

Typically, when I receive a zipped file, I unzip the file and extract the content to a folder. I then search for the folder and locate some sort of executable file or click a file to open and use it.

The same principals work the same for opening an installing a zipped font folder. But there are a few steps that could trip you up if you are not clear. So read this friendly tutorial on how to download, unzip and install new fonts to your computer.

How to Download Fonts

Click once on the font you want to download. Or, right click on it and select “save target as”.

A dialog box should open that says something like:
“You have chosen to download a file from this location ”
Select “save file to disk”, and click OK.

Browse through your hard drive and choose where to save the font; a temporary folder or your desktop is a good place. Now you need to install the font, so you can use it.


How to Extract (unzip) the File:

When you’re ready to install the fonts, find the font file you downloaded (remember where you saved it?!) and open it by double-clicking on it.
This should start your unzipping program, (a utility that decompresses the file).

If you don’t have an unzipping program, you must download and install WinZip.

When you double click on the font zip file, you will see a dialog box. Select “extract to folder C\…” This will unzip the file to a folder with the same name. So if your font zip file was called Tahoma.zip, when extracted it will be in a folder called Tahoma. Or, you can choose extract it to a folder of your choosing.
Another way to extract the file is to highlight the font zip and press Ctrl-E to extract it. Again, you can choose to extract it to any folder you want.

Once you have unzipped (i.e., extracted) the file, close WinZip.


How to install the font on your computer:

Go to Start Menu, select Control Panel, then select Fonts, then click File in the top left of the window. You’ll get a drop down menu.
Select Install New Font.
In the window that comes up, browse your hard drive and find the font you unzipped (extracted).
Select it and click OK.

{Alternately, you can open the folder where you saved the font, then also open C\WINDOWS\FONTS. Make both windows small and place them beside each other (not overlapping). Then simply highlight the font, and while holding your left mouse button down, drag and drop the font from its folder into the C\WINDOWS\FONTS folder.}

Your font is now installed!

You may need to restart your computer for the fonts to become available. These instructions are for installing fonts using Windows XP. Windows Vista has a similar setup.



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